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Just for Info

General knowledge

I`m not an mechanic.
But i do repair and tune at any cars since I`m 17. These may include dealing with filler, weldingmachines and raisins to. Not every project has been an unmitigated success right from the outset. Got lucky to had also friends, mechanics and engeneers who really helped me. Thanks for that guys!

Help for you

Just write an Mail to me, if you have any questions.
I try to answer asap.

Daniels Frontbumper

... leaning against Aero and Vertex Edge

The conversion was actually made out of necessity. The front was almost scrap tires because of a lot of hard ground contacts. So the original plan was merely to repair and shorten it.

So I first cut the lower destroyed part. Then I removed the middle part, which was also completely worn out, in order to prepare it for the repair. Somehow we came up with the idea to see how something looks like at the Silvia.

And so we set up a creative planning breake by meat and beer and discussed which Daniel imagines, I can implement and above all the admission stands in the way.

The most important result: A smooth underbody up to the front axle with indicated air ducts for passive brake cooling, as well as later possibly also for the active brake. Performance goes here definitely before styling.

So first laminate a closed bottom and use the 48 hours of curing to the next creative creation phase.

At that time I got Daniel's very funny "paint" -worked, strokedesign suggestions. Real witty and without long phone calls hardly imaginable.

The original AeroFront and the side air outlet of the Vertex Edge Front are, in our opinion, quite stylish and functional, Daniel decided to use a combination of both. So the front further processed and the goal again one step closer.

Filler and Paint?

In the point, our opinions differ greatly,
So we have only adapted the design and then painted with spray can. I was very positively surprised by Daniels talent, a three-layer paint with spray can. If the pre-work with grouting and sanding had been better (or at all available), one would not see any difference to a professional varnishing.

The front has meanwhile kissed on several events several hats and curbs and still looks fresh.
Mission succseeded!
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