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I`m not an mechanic.
But i do repair and tune at any cars since I`m 17. These may include dealing with filler, weldingmachines and raisins to. Not every project has been an unmitigated success right from the outset. Got lucky to had also friends, mechanics and engeneers who really helped me. Thanks for that guys!

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Just write an Mail to me, if you have any questions.
I try to answer asap.


Oilpawn modification with flaps

The Idea for that modification occured through pressure of time. Daniel just got his new Tires and with them higher G-Forces followed while cornering which resulted in a loss in oil pressure, because the oil got pushed away from the snorkel. Probably ending up in sucking up air instead of oil.

After a bit of research and a few hours of a smoking brain it was time for the build. First off I made some cardboard templates because the plates had to fit the curvy oil pan so the oil could not escape through any unwanted slits.

Now i made the plates out of sheet metal using my templates,
but still without the cutouts for the flaps.

Onto the flaps…my motto: as simple as possible! So I took some sheet metal and bent it around simple welding wire, done.

I used some small dowel pins to keep the flap in place and just WIG-welded them onto the sheet metal.

After that I took the finished plates and welded them into the oil pan. I really had to be careful because the oil pan as well as the plates were really thin with 1,2mm and nobody needs a big hole in an oil pan, especially without a second one.

I let Daniel refit the oil pan, after all you need someone to blame on if something goes wrong. XD

Was the effort worth it in the end?

Watch the video and see for yourself!

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